Tech 9 Tyres Website

Project Type: Web

Client: Tech 9 Tyres

Date: February 2010

Originally launched in May 2006, the Tech 9 Tyres website was updated and refreshed in February 2010 to provide a better user experience, a brand update which has flowed onto other collateral and software updates of the ExpressionEngine CMS and essential add-ons. Starting with the home page, the ‘Hero’ area was upgraded to something more dynamic. Tech 9 Tyres staff can manage this element and either link to their own product, or link across to their affiliated company sites. ‘Hero’ features that include a specific rim will also show details about that item on the slide itself.

Another major update was to the customer photo gallery, updating the backend management for easier additions, as well as the ability to relate a gallery image with a product in the catalogue. This presents itself as a link on the gallery entry page to the product, as well as on the actual product page in a mini gallery of customer cars that are also fitted with that particular wheel.

Another aspect of the update was the ability for Tech 9 Tyres to easily add photo galleries to their news items. As they’re involved in many shows throughout the year, the photos they take of their presence at these shows and other aspects of the shows are a very popular draw card for the website. As such, staff can add a large number of photos to a news item, and then determine whether they which the photos to be displayed full width across the page, or as a thumbnail gallery which leads to a pop-up slide set.

The website is running the ExpressionEngine content management system, and also uses Pixel & Tonic’s Playa add-on for Relationship making between entries in the site, and Matrix for the easy management of the photo galleries.

Mix Up:

  • Consulting
  • Functional Design & Specification
  • Web Design
  • Website Development
  • Expression Engine (CMS)